Master Class: Paul Heumiller
Dream Guitars : Living a Dream Life. In the shop and in the world. 

DATE: JUNE 25, 2017 TIME: 2:30 PM

Photo Credit: Wolfgang Vogt

Some would say Paul Heumiller has a Dream Job and perhaps even a Dream Life. He is the founder and owner of Dream Guitars, he's surrounded by the world's finest guitars every day.

His job requires him to travel to guitar festivals around the world and he calls friend many of the top luthiers and players in the world. But there's another side to Paul, on his days off he teaches Yoga in Prisons and Jails, spends time being quiet and meditating, playing music and hiking in nature.

Come and hear what Paul thinks makes up a dream life... 

Admission to this Master Class is free of charge (sponsored by Dream Guitars)