Master Class: Bruce Sexauer
Guitar Duality: How the modern guitar is different than the traditional guitar (and why it matters)

DATE: JUNE 25, 2017 TIME: 10:30 AM

Photo Credit: Thom Hooke

Photo Credit: Thom Hooke

Bruce Sexauer will discuss the conceptual differences between the traditional "Living" guitar and the modern development of a sound board isolated from its support structure. Both methods work, but in different ways. Many luthiers are caught between the two concepts without knowing it, and even more players and buyers are unaware that there is a difference. If you are thinking that your new guitar will someday sound like a vintage Martin, find out why this may never be.

Bruce Sexauer has been building guitars (and other instruments) since 1967. Lutherie has been his primary occupation throughout his life, and his first 10 years were here in Vancouver!

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