Association of Stringed Instrument Builders of B.C.

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Join the Association of Stringed Instrument Builders of B.C.

Stringed instrument builders in British Columbia are invited to get in on the ground floor of a collaborative venture to be launched at the 2018 Vancouver International Guitar Festival (VIGF) this August. All ASIB-BC members will receive free admission to the two-day festival including free concert tickets and (on an availability basis) master classes. Members must be commercially active in the industry providing goods or services. Registration contingent on application acceptance.

Register for ASIB-BC Here

You have no obligation to join ASIB until membership details are presented after the meeting Aug 10. 

With the generous support of Creative BC, VIGF will launch the Association of Stringed Instrument Builders of British Columbia (ASIB-BC) on Friday, August 10, 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. at Vancouver’s Creekside Community Recreation Centre in the former Olympic Village. The festival will open its doors to the public August 11 and 12 at the same venue. 

Online registration is required to attend the Aug.10 launch event. Builders at all levels are welcome, from novice to master luthiers, as well as specialists in stringed instrument repair and restoration, and suppliers of tone woods and parts. 


Among the goals envisioned for the new association:

§  Creation of media/marketing content

§  Fundraising to assist members to attend industry events

§  Semi-annual seminars on building technique and craft, social media, new markets

§  Professional development, including certification programs and ethical guidelines

§  Implementation of trade discounts

§  Advocacy on public issues including protected woods trade regulations

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