Fingerstyle Blues Guitar
Saturday, June 29th, 1:30 - 2:30 pm

Terry Robb 2.jpg

This class will focus on the classic Acoustic Blues styles of players like Mississippi John Hurt to Elizabeth Cotton and John Fahey; Ragtime in the styles of Reverend Gary Davis and Blind Blake; and the Delta Blues styles of Charlie Patton, Son House and others, also covering the monotonic picking styles of Robert Johnson and Lightnin’ Hopkins. This class will also cover Slide Guitar in open tunings. Guitar players of all levels are welcome.


“One of the best players, on acoustic and electric, embracing a range of blues styles and then some.” - Dan Forte, Vintage Guitar Magazine, Nov 2017 Vol 32. No. 1

“Unquestionably, Robb ranks right up there with the heavy hitters, a player of dazzling skill and technique. He could go to any guitar festival and show them a few chords.” - Frank Matheis, Living Blues Magazine, Jan 2017 No. 246

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