The Foundation of Great Acoustic Sound and Playability



Presented by Robert Godin, Owner and Founder of The Godin Guitar Company , Godin, Seagull, Art & Lutherie, Simon & Patrick, Norman, and La Patrie guitars

An enlightening and informative Master Class about how guitars are crafted to achieve great acoustic sound and playability.  You will learn the importance and impact of using different woods to achieve different sounds and tones, along with the reasoning behind different scales, neck and headstock designs -- practical information you can use to evaluate your guitar and future guitar selections. Robert will also showcase some of the innovative and non-traditional guitars in the Godin guitar lineup.  Robert’s knowledge and passion for the craft are infectious. You will never look at guitars the same way again. 


About Godin Guitars

Robert Godin is from Canada and grew up in love with woods and handcraftsmanship.  As a teenager guitarist in the ‘60s, he wanted to recreate the music tones he heard on records, from such bands as the Beatles and the Ventures.  He began experimenting with string gauges and guitars modifications while working at his aunt’s Montreal music store. Later, he had the opportunity to work for a luthier in Quebec where he found his passion. Robert eventually designed and perfected a style of building a guitar that could produce unique sounds.


Today as the owner and founder of Godin Guitars, Robert oversees the operations of six guitar factories, five in the Canadian province of Quebec and one in the US state of New Hampshire. With the head office based in Montreal, Quebec, Godin Guitars is the largest manufacturer of guitars in North America employing 600 people. The company started out as a small guitar shop in Montreal in 1972 and has grown into an internationally renowned guitar company with distribution in over 65 countries. Known for innovation and value, The Godin Guitar Company brands include the Godin electric guitar line and five acoustic guitar lines: Seagull, Norman, La Patrie, Simon & Patrick, and Art & Lutherie.


Godin Guitars is also the manufacturer of the revolutionary TRIC guitar cases and is the distributor of Acoustic Solutions amplifiers in Canada and the US. The Godin Guitar Company was recently named the 2014 supplier of the Year by the music products industry trade publication, Music Inc. and has been recognized for product excellence numerous times by music retailers worldwide.