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We want to do everything in our power to tell our growing audience all about you and your work,
and hope that you will do the same for us.
If the items below seem too much to sort through, let us know and we'll shoot you a note with a handful of easy options.

Please take a moment to review and use the various resources we have compiled for you here.

Five Ways We Can Help Each Other:

1. Our Logo, for your use

Please click here to download our 2019 VIGF logo. Please post to your website as appropriate (upcoming appearance pages, contact pages, etc). Where possible, please link the images to our website: http://www.vancouverguitarfestival.com

Send us yours and we'll be sure to make it an online post as well. 

2. Let's Connect

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  • Let people know you're coming! Click here to RSVP for the event on Facebook, then please click 'share' to invite your friends & followers, and post to your pages & profiles.

  • When telling your followers that you'll be in Vancouver with us this year, please tag our profiles:

    • if you're writing a Facebook post, be sure to type the @ symbol then Vancouver International Guitar Festival - our profile should pop up for you to select.

    • if you're posting on Instagram, you can tag or mention us in your comments using @VancouverGuitarFestival

  • If you're on these platforms, please share our Facebook and Instagram posts with your followers! We are working on getting out multiple posts a day, so whenever one strikes you, pretty please pass it along.

    • How to re-post an Instagram picture: http://repostapp.com is a great free tool that guides you through a repost step by step.

  • Hashtag, Hashtag, Hashtag! Sure, it's a crazy world out there, everyone is speaking in number signs!...but they DO work as an affordable and effective way to spread the word. Refer back here for a quick copy and paste, or make yourself a document that sits handily somewhere on your computer with these handy tags:

    • VIGF Hashtags: #VIGF #VIGF2018 #VancouverGuitarFestival #Vancouver #Vancity #Canada #PNW #WestCoast

    • General luthiery and guitar-related hashtags to help get the word out about your work: #guitar #guitars #acousticguitar #acoustic #electricguitar #electric #boutiqueguitar #handcrafted #customguitar #luthier #luthiery #musician #guitarist #wood #woodworking

3. Ready-Made Posts!

We want to make this as easy for you as possible, and we will do the same if you ask! Here is some content ready to go out to your various channels right away.

  • Our Posts: share any of our Facebook and Instagram posts as mentioned above!

  • Our News: at the bottom of each news piece on this page, there is a Share button waiting to be clicked: http://www.vancouverguitarfestival.com/news/ - alternatively, you can copy and paste the link of each story you're in (click on the headline to be 'in' the story, then select that page's URL from your browser, copy it, then paste it wherever you share your news).

  • Our Website - copy and paste any or all of these blurbs with shortened links into your Facebook updates and you'll direct your followers to the many different aspects of our event:

    • Have you been looking for a reason to visit #beautiful #Vancouver? Find out why it's one of the best places on earth, check it off the bucket list, and come say hi to me in August: goo.gl/8bXLb5 #VIGF #VIGF2019 #VancouverGuitarFestival

    • I can't wait to join my fellow luthiers in #Vancouver this August - a room of instruments and their makers is always a good time: goo.gl/P1u403 #VIGF #VIGF2019 #VancouverGuitarFestival

    • The art and craft of the world’s finest acoustic and electric guitar makers. See, hear, play and purchase directly from the creators. Taking place in beautiful #Vancouver, Canada. goo.gl/SIWtQS #VIGF #VIGF2018 #VancouverGuitarFestival

    • See, hear, play! Hundreds of beautiful #guitars and other instruments in one room! Get your tickets for #VIGF here: goo.gl/kH7aCH #VIGF2019 #VancouverGuitarFestival

    • Stay informed of #VIGF happenings! There's lots going on - sign up for #VancouverGuitarFestival newsletters and be in the loop. goo.gl/IACb0v

4. Tell Us A Story

Anything exciting happening in your luthiery world? 
Want to share how you got started? 
Have a favorite song or musical inspiration that you like to talk about? 
We'd love to collect any and all stories that will help engage our audience and grow yours. Shoot a note to jen@vancouverguitarfestival.com at any time and we'll take it from there.

If you have raw video files that we can have permission to use in one big VIGF promo video, we would be most grateful for that. Please send along to info@vancouverguitarfestival.com (via Dropbox or WeTransfer or any other means).

5. Sharing is Caring

The sharing doesn't end with social media posts! We'd like to run a series of contests that will significantly grow both VIGF and your followers by design. Please let us know if you have any items that can be used for giveaways and we will be sure to collaborate with you on any campaigns, which are strong methods to use to expand your online reach.