Lee Valley is a family-owned Canadian company that has been supplying innovative and practical tools since 1978. On our website, in our stores and throughout our catalogs, you’ll find thousands of products ranging from woodworking to gardening, hardware and home.  Our reputation is based on three principles: 1. Customer Satisfaction 2. Integrity 3. Treating a customer like a friend. Whether a tool from Lee Valley is one made by Veritas Tools or is one of the 5000 or so we get from around the world, it will always have our full guarantee. That means it costs you nothing to try us out. We're confident that the quality and service we provide will be to your liking. Just give us the opportunity.



Graph Tech Guitar Labs is the world’s largest nut & saddle manufacturers providing over 350 different nut, saddle and bridge models. Focused on innovations to improve guitar performance, tone and vibration for optimal performance, Graph Tech’s products include TUSQ® guitar nuts, saddles and bridge pins, TUSQ XL self-lubricated guitar nuts, Black TUSQ XL self-lubricating guitar nuts, String Saver Saddles, ResoMax harmonically rich guitar bridges, GHOST® Modular Pickup Systems, TUSQ Picks, PrePlay hand cleaner, Dry ‘n Glide hand talc, and more. The world’s leading retailers, luthiers, and guitar manufacturers choose Graph Tech products, including Taylor Guitars, Martin Guitars, Ovation, Cort, Carvin, Washburn, Fender Custom Shop, Godin, Ibanez, Samick, Schecter, Gibson, and Yamaha custom shop. Graph Tech has over 45 patents and trademarks around the world.



We’ve been building your straps for over 40 years, and from day one we have loved what we do. Family owned and operated, Levy’s was first opened by Dennis Levy in 1973. Dennis opened his business with a handful of leatherworking tools, a pocketful of change and a passion for building the best. Regardless of the product, whether it was a pencil case or key fob (which happened to be two of his first products) or a guitar strap and gig bag, building the best has always been his number one focus. As if it were part of our DNA, the same passion runs through the veins of his wife Cheryl, brother Harvey and children Danica and DJ who have all joined him over the years in creating the most beautiful and dependable guitar straps you’ve come to know and trust.

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Long & McQuade is the largest chain of musical instrument retailers in Canada, with over 70 locations from British Columbia to Newfoundland. This means that if you're a touring musician, you'll have the benefit of dealing with a familiar store with consistent sales, supplies and service, no matter where your homebase is.


Tom Lee Music has proudly been supporting music making within the Greater Vancouver and Vancouver Island communities since 1969. We provide the very best in musical instruments, equipment, services, and education.



Solid Ground Stands is a family-owned USA business that handcrafts fretted instrument stands using only the finest premium hardwoods. Each stand features a stable three-point stance, a firm but gentle hold, and a convenient foldable design. Owners can proudly display their favorite instrument on a beautiful, graceful stand with complete confidence. Solid Ground Stand models are available in Standard, Special, and Premium levels made from a variety of domestic and exotic hardwoods. Custom stands are also available on a made-to-order basis. Solid Ground Stands is proud to present our unique designs at the 2019 VGIF!



We supply the greatest Japanese guitar parts and tools to luthiers, shops, repair specialists and musicians anywhere in the world! We offer the widest selection of DoMo parts and materials, Gotoh tuners, and Hiroshima Files, Uo-Chikyu fret and nut files at the best prices.



At Wood to Works we specialize in high quality tonewood for luthiers, as well as craftwoods, wood turning blanks, and raw lumber for the Canadian Woodworker and general International Woodworkers and Luthiers!

We stock high quality domestic tonewoods such as figured Maple, Spruce, Cedar, and much more. As well as many exotics, like Indian Rosewood, Ebony, Padauk, Ziricote for luthiers and craftsmen. In addition, we carry an assortment of guitar hardware, from binding and fretwire all the way to strings and tuners. Whether you're building your first guitar, adding some touch ups, or restoring an old treasure, we have everything you need to do the job. Our mission is to provide the highest quality tonewood, turning blanks, and craft lumber available while providing excellent service, and acting responsibly toward our environment. We strive for service, sustainability and excellence.




D'Addario is the largest manufacturer of musical instrument accessories under several product divisions: D'Addario Fretted and Orchestral Strings, Evans Drumheads, Promark Drumsticks, Puresound, D'Addario Woodwinds, and D'Addario Accessories. Family-owned and operated with roots dating back to the 17th century, D'Addario distributes to 120 countries including 3,000 U.S. retailers and all major e-commerce, and remain the preferred choice of musicians worldwide.


Main Stage Cases produces high quality fiberglass flightcases for stringed instruments in Bass River, New Brunswick. We hand build custom flightcases for acoustic and electric guitar, acoustic and electric bass, banjo, mandolin, bouzouki, violin and more. With over 30 exterior colour options and 9 different interior fabric colours, you can customize your flightcase in a way that will make it truly your own and one of a kind. Our cases are endorsed and trusted by luthiers such as Michael Greenfield, Jeff Traugott, Jim Olson, Michael Heiden and many others across North America. 

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In 2006, Bud Henriksen had retired from a long career in electronics and telecom manufacturing, designing and IT development and consulting, and was finally able to play the guitar more often.  After putting a band together and playing around town for a few years, he was really dissatisfied with all the amplifiers available and just decided to build his own. After auditioning the prototype for a few other players (including his personal hero, Jim Hall), Bud recognized there was a real hole in the marketplace for his design and so he enlisted the help of his son Peter and set out to build an amplifier for jazz guitarists that was not just portable, but had all the rich sounds necessary for playing jazz.

Bud passed away in 2009, but the family continues on carrying out his original vision. With the help of Engineer and VP Nathan Mender who was hired in on 2014, Henriksen has grown to new international heights by bringing Bud's original design to perfection as well as releasing some exciting new products.