VIGF 2018 welcomes

Harry Manx

Harry Manx grew up listening to and loving the Blues. He was a sound man at one of the great Blues clubs in Toronto during the early seventies. He witnessed and was inspired by some of the greats like Muddy Waters, Willie Dixon, Houndog Taylor etc. Soon after Harry became a street musician in Europe playing the Blues. This went on for many years. Later Harry moved to Japan and eventually India where he remained for 12 years to study music with Vishwa Mohan Bhatt. From VM Bhatt Harry learned to play the 20 string Indian slide guitar known as the Mohan Veena. Harry also lived in an Ashram for eight of his twelve years in India. There he led a simple life of meditation, devotion and work while practising music. In the year 2000, Harry returned to Canada after a 25 year absence. He now lives on Salt Spring Island when he’s not touring the Globe to bring his hybrid Blues/Indian music to his fans. Harry comes to the Vancouver Guitar festival for the first time after completing a 60 show tour which took him to Australia, the UK, Germany and across Canada.

Come check out Harry and fall into the Harry Zone.