VIGF 2018 welcomes


Mark Lemaire is known for his unique guitar style that incorporates fingerpicking, slap-and-tap harmonics, hand percussion, and a delicate touch that goes straight to your heart. But while the playing can be virtuosic, the truly unique quality is in the compositions: they take you to unexpected places that just “feel right” when you arrive.

Mark’s music is informed by his years as a recording engineer and producer for everyone from the San Francisco Symphony to Rolling Stones’ producer Jimmy Miller. He offers workshops and master classes in recording and producer’s concepts, peppering his talks with stories and examples from his life that illustrate how original ideas are created by just ‘regular folks’.

Mark has represented Ervin Somogyi’s instruments, as well as Buendia Guitars, Caton Guitars, Isaac Jang, and many others. He has both instrumental guitar CDs and vocal oriented offerings available. Mark tours the world, with shows in Sweden, England, Scotland, and Germany. In 2018, Mark and his wife Cindy will be featured artists at the Canterbury Folk Festival in New Zealand. 

This will be his first visit to Vancouver.

“It was a master class in finger style and harmony singing. One of many highlights - for me - was Mark's solo fusion of `Whiter Shade of Pale' and `Bach's `Air on a G String'.  Simply breathtaking.”  -Don Hurley- Ruskin House Folk Club—Croyden, UK

“Complex, sophisticated song arrangements. His guitar playing is so good, it might distract you from his compelling, engaging melodies and sharp songwriting… but only for a second.”  -Richard Rice, Director, San Francisco Free Folk Festival

 “It was an impeccable performance. Never have I witnessed such control of the steel stringed guitar’s sound.  This was a flawless show.”    –Mark Twang, Folkways Recordings