Paul Pigat Master Class - Rockabilly 101
Sunday, June 30, 12:30 - 1:30 pm

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There’s no doubt that  Rockabilly music was essential to the creation of rock n roll and therefore a forbearer of all music to follow.  It was forged at the crossroads where blues met country, making something new that changed the world.  Let’s talk about riffs! Let’s talk about fingerpicking!   Let’s talk about tone!! Leather jackets and greasy hairdos optional!

About Paul Pigat

You’d never think it to look at Paul Pigat, but behind that unassuming grin and underneath those Doc Watson glasses lurks one of the most restless, combustible musical imaginations ever crammed like so much canned heat into a single body. Blessed with a jazz man’s sheen, a rockabilly heart and a hobo’s soul, there aren’t many genres of music that don’t pull at Pigat’s wayfaring imagination like a magnet. In many ways, it’s a mystery why Paul Pigat isn’t a household name yet. Maybe he’d be a lot easier to pin down if he wasn’t so darn good at so many different things.

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