Meet the Luthiers: A - Z

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Al Beardsell, Luthier 

Whether it's a hand-crafted individually cast tail piece, hand-wound pick up, side ports with sliding doors, or multi-scale fan frets, every Beardsell is unique. 

"It's hard to find the words. Yes, it's a work of art. The wood, the detail, the finish, all gorgeous. The asymmetrical neck section is super comfortable; plays like a dream, very comfortable. It's light weight and resonant and the sound is orchestral." 

- Michael Forbes, musician and owner of a custom Beardsell guitar


Tad Brown, Luthier

Tad R. Brown is a 7th generation American craftsman who has been involved in music, art, woodworking, and guitars for over 30 years. His acoustic archtop guitars are specially made to crossover between jazz and flat top instruments. Hand crafted in California from premium solid tonewoods, exceptionally lightweight and responsive, for a wide dynamic range of rich tonal resonance.


Fred Tellier, Luthier

Fred Tellier has been building acoustic guitars, Irish Bouzouki and ukuleles since 2005 from his shop in Windsor Ontario. He prides himself on being open to ideas from clients, and his goal is to create an instrument with sound, playability and finish that both the client and he can be proud of.


Robert Godin, Luthier

Robert Godin is from Canada and grew up in love with woods and handcraftsmanship.  As a teenager guitarist in the ‘60s, he wanted to recreate the music tones he heard on records, from such bands as the Beatles and the Ventures.  He began experimenting with string gauges and guitars modifications while working at his aunt’s Montreal music store. Later, he had the opportunity to work for a luthier in Quebec where he found his passion. Robert eventually designed and perfected a style of building a guitar that could produce unique sounds.

Today as the owner and founder of Godin Guitars, Robert oversees the operations of six guitar factories, five in the Canadian province of Quebec and one in the US state of New Hampshire. With the head office based in Montreal, Quebec, Godin Guitars is the largest manufacturer of guitars in North America employing 600 people. The company started out as a small guitar shop in Montreal in 1972 and has grown into an internationally renowned guitar company with distribution in over 65 countries. Known for innovation and value, The Godin Guitar Company brands include the Godin electric guitar line and five acoustic guitar lines: Seagull, Norman, La Patrie, Simon & Patrick, and Art & Lutherie.

Godin Guitars is also the manufacturer of the revolutionary TRIC guitar cases and is the distributor of Acoustic Solutions amplifiers in Canada and the US. The Godin Guitar Company was recently named the 2014 supplier of the Year by the music products industry trade publication, Music Inc. and has been recognized for product excellence numerous times by music retailers worldwide.

G.R. Bear, Luthier

Growing up on a farm in rural New South Wales, Australia. I started my woodworking journey at a very young age with my father, who is a trained wooden boat builder and traditional timber framer. I then started building guitars at the age of 15 when I apprenticed with violin and guitar maker Graham Caldersmith. Graham had been building classical guitars and violins for over forty years, with a Masters in Areophysics and a comprehensive background in acoustic studies, he builds world class instruments using modern building and tuning techniques.


Tom & Becca Nania, Luthiers

We strive to innovate carved-top instrument voicing while respecting the history and tradition of our trade. We create for the musician who appreciates the depth of acoustic nuances in responsive guitars. We seek to engage fellow builders, musicians, and scientists in an all-inclusive exploration of guitar-making through further inquiry into the crucial balance between art and science. Continued consideration of this full scope approach will serve as constant inspiration in our work, as science enhances the art.

Tom Nania studied guitar-making at Galloup School of Guitar Building and Repair. Tom holds a degree in physics, with a concentration in acoustics. He is an Affiliated Scholar with the Dept. of Physics and Astronomy at Indiana University. Tom is a longtime guitar player, which serves as the inspiration for his work.

Becca Nania is the other half of House of Luthiery. Becca is the designer of inlay and aesthetics. She handles the day to day and sometimes acts as the luthier's apprentice. Becca is passionate about educating those interested on the importance of balancing art and science in guitar-making.


Reuben Forsland, Luthier

Reuben Forsland is well-known for his respect of traditional building methods, but enjoys exploring new design through the use of rare and exotic woods and materials. His philosophy of building a great guitar extends to lives of the people it will touch. Everybody has a story, and while custom building a guitar, Reuben likes to bring that story to the guitar. Or to create a story within a guitar that someone will identify with. Thus, each guitar also comes with its’ own coffee table book telling its story. 
Reuben has been building acoustic guitars since 2008 and has earned commendations from his peers, clients and high-end retailers alike, on both his craftsmanship and achievements in producing an incredible sound quality.


Tony Karol, Luthier

Having been building professionally for almost 20 years, Tony Karol has built guitars for Tommy Emmanuel, Bruce Cockburn and Stephen Bennett. Using the finest materials from around the world, each instrument is handcrafted in his Mississauga shop. Tony also teaches about a dozen students per year in the craft.


Igor Kornilov, Luthier

Igor Kornilov started his guitar building in 1983 in Moscow. Since 2003, he has been living in Winnipeg, Canada. In 2007, "Kornil Guitars™" was awarded the Winnipeg Arts Council's and the Manitoba Arts Council's Grants. Over the past 35 years, Igor has built about 350 instruments: archtops, basses, electric and acoustic guitars, and many-string instruments


Jeff Letain, Luthier

Jeff Letain has been a woodworker since the late seventies and shifted his focus to guitars in the late nineties. Maximum playability and the search for a tone and sound quality that excites passion of the guitarist is his main goal. For him, the guitar is a tool that is functional sculpture and the surface a canvas with a limitless field for expression.


Emile Gervais, Luthier

Passionate about music, entertainment and instruments, I like to reflect my eternal interest in wood and sound. My instruments are entirely built by hand and reveal clean cuts that characterize my well refined style and geometric. This is both a need to create and a need for novelty that I love shaping wood.


Marc Saumier, Luthier

Marc Saumier started building guitars in 1996, Today his line includes steel string, nylon strings, archtop, acoustic basses, ukeleles and unique instruments such as 12 string nylon string guitars that are mostly made from locally sourced wood. Focusing mainly on sound and playability, Saumier's instruments feature a unique voice, good note separation and a wide dynamic range thanks to the unique and innovative bracing of his soundboards.


John McNamee, Luthier

John McNamee is a self-employed luthier of acoustic guitars, baritones and basses. He graduated from the Douglas College string instrument building course in 1986 under the instruction of Michael Dunn. John has built a variety of over 70 instruments over the years, and is also a songwriter and musician


Rich Micheletti, Luthier

Rick began his passion for lutherie in 1981 when he began repairing instruments for himself and friends. Before long he could see that he wanted to do much more, even to construct a guitar. So he enrolled in Vermont Instrument Workshop in the fall of 1982 and stayed with instructor George Morris for eight weeks. During that time, he hand crafted two guitars of his design and was even more resolute to become a professional luthier.

In 1994, when he and his wife Deana moved from Sebastopol California, to Willits, about 80 miles north, his dream began to become a reality. After constructing a large shop and office on their 20 acre horse ranch, he was ready to go full time, a choice he has never regretted.

Rick has united his skills and observations as a guitar repairman and his years of design experience with his passion to create guitars. The result of this fusion of skills is a hand-crafted instrument that is a pleasure to play, hear and see. He loves to work closely with his clients to create an instrument that is stirring to them. His goal is to create an instrument that inspires his clients to new levels of performance and creativity.


Patrick Morrissey, Luthier

"My love of woodworking goes back to my childhood. My father was a craftsman and working along side him as a young boy I learned the skills necessary for fine woodworking. After completing my first guitar, I was hooked…I knew this is where I wanted to focus my talents. I found my passion as a luthier – 17 years later I continue to do what I love every day."


Bradley Daniels, Luthier

I began building guitars in 2006.  What started out as a fun project and birthday gift to build my own guitar almost immediately became my passion.  I have been playing guitar since I was about 9 years old and it's always been an important part of my life.  I built my first three guitars under the guidance of Virgil Shouse, my wife's grandfather.  I'm so grateful to have been given that opportunity.  Once the first three were completed, I decided to begin setting up my own shop at my home.  I read every lutherie book and article I could find and scoured the internet for clues.  After a few more, I decided to attend the Galloup School for their Technician Course to learn how to make my creations play properly.  A few years later, at the Montreal Guitar Show, a friend recommended a book set by a man named Ervin Somogyi.  I had no idea who he was at the time, but I read them cover to cover multiple times.  My building was really starting to turn a corner at this point.  In 2014, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to spend 10 days in Oakland, CA with Ervin himself, along with a few other luthiers, to study voicing the guitar.  I've been at it for 10 years now and my journey is just beginning.  With each guitar new mysteries are uncovered and I'm genuinely excited to continue to grow in this craft.


Martin Frias Perinetti, Luthier

Perinetti Guitars is a one man shop producing some fine musical instruments with classic and exotic Patagonian tone woods.


Dan MacPherson, Luthier

A professional Luthier since the early 90's, ghost builder and finisher for many well known British brands until 2010 when MacPherson Guitars was launched. The business relocated to the Okanagan Valley in 2016 where MacPherson Guitars continue to offer a range of high qaulity, hand made solid and semi solid electric guitars.


Nicole Alosinac, Luthier

Vancouver luthier Nicole Alosinac has extensive experience in acoustic and electric guitar and bass repair, violin restoration, and other stringed instruments including mandolin, ukulele, and banjo repair. All stringed instrument needs, from guitar setup and intonation adjustments, to violin repair and reconstruction, can be addressed by her skilled hands. Nicole Alosinac Luthiery was established in 2003.


Aaron Foster, Luthier

Aaron Foster builds steel string acoustic guitars, primarily with hand tools, in Oakland, California, under the name Queen City, in homage to his hometown of Denver, Colorado. He seeks to create responsive and elegant guitars with an eye towards the beauty inherent in the wood and form of the instrument and an ear for an expressive, articulate, and full tone. He has been building guitars since 2012, first studying lutherie for a year and a half at the Red Rocks School of Fine Woodworking in Colorado and has been playing the guitar since elementary school.


Oliver Duval-Quinn, Luthier

Oliver Duval-Quinn is a member of the Mile-End Guitar Coop since february 2017 and is the sole luthier and founder of Quinn Guitars. Being a Bruand graduate and a Fender certified guitar technician, Oliver specializes in custom designs/mods and quality setups, repairs.


Chuck Sanzone, Luthier

Musical Instruments made by hand at the old Brownsville Schoolhouse in beautiful Stowe, Vermont. Every piece is unique, drawing inspiration from the guitars & mandolins of D’Angelico and Gibson. Come and pick your own tonewood for your next custom made guitar, drop off an old family musical heirloom for restoration or learn an age-old craft from me at my workshop.


Sergei de Jonge, Luthier

Sergei de Jonge has built classical and steel string guitars for close to 50 years. He is known for his standards of excellence in engineering, tone, design, and workmanship. In his quest to build "the best" guitars he has experimented with many different woods, bracing patterns, double tops, side ports, adjustable and raised necks, etc. using well thought out construction that is simple and practical.



Taylor Guitars was founded in 1974 by Bob Taylor and Kurt Listug, and has grown into the leading global builder of premium acoustic guitars. Renowned for blending modern, innovative manufacturing techniques with a master craftsman's attention to detail, Taylor acoustic guitars are widely considered among the best-sounding and easiest to play in the world. The company is a pioneer in the use of computer mills, lasers and other high-tech tools and proprietary machinery, and today, Bob Taylor is widely recognized throughout the musical instrument industry as the visionary acoustic guitar manufacturer.

2019 VIGF Guitar Exhibition

SATURDAY, JUNE 28: 10 am - 5 pm
SUNDAY, JUNE 29: 10 am - 4 pm

PRE-Purchase tickets AVAILABLE SOON

VIGF is an international showcase celebrating the art and craft of contemporary guitar making, both acoustic and electric. All instruments on exhibit will be available for purchase and custom commissions are welcome. We are presenting the work of master luthiers from Canada, United States, and around the world. Electrics, acoustics, ukuleles and basses will be on display—from the most avant-garde to the staunchly traditional.