Don Alder Master Class - Acoustic Guitar aka Band in a Box!!!
Saturday, June 29, 2:30 - 3:30 pm


Yes indeed, the acoustic guitar is literally a band in a box. In this class we will add a a bit of percussion, some funky bass, a soulful rhythm with a sprinkle of melody and presto, your friends will be amazed. Yes, it will require a bit of brain power but be assured if Don can do it anyone can and it will be FUN !!
Don will demonstrate a simple example of a 4 piece band approach then work with the class to isolate each part and show how to put it all together.
Attendees will also get to learn a number of techniques to achieve new expression by putting colour into otherwise black and white notes. Time permitting, Don will also discuss how to equip your
guitar with the right pickups etc to bring your new "band in box" sound to the stage. This class is for all levels and is a hands on, show and tell format. Takeaways include exercises, tab, including a free tab for a funky song but most importantly a creative mindset to find your own voice on the guitar and making practice fun in the process.

About Don Alder

Performances /Accolades

"Alder is one of the most original guitarists I’ve seen”
Lee Ritenour, 18 time Grammy Winning Guitarist

"Even though Don stepped onto the Guitar Superstarstage as a solo-acoustic performer, he played with ferocity and charisma, and totally owned the audience and that’s what a guitar star does. You have to deliver something so thrillingthat people can’t help but stand up and cheer. Don nailed it.” 
 Michael Molenda, Editor in Chief, GUITAR PLAYER magazine

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