Saturday, June 29, 11:30 - 12:30 pm


How many times have we been fearful of improvising in a live performance situation? How many times do we try and work out our perfect solo note by note in the hopes of stunning everyone with our amazing skills only to fail and fall face first into anxiety and sub par playing skills. This has happened to all of us in our playing carrier and is quite deflating.

Let me help and guide you with my TOP SECRETS TO IMPROVISING LIKE A MASTER.

Improvising is the skill of making up on the spot a musical idea or thought with the use of notes, sounds, rhythms, phrases and technique.  Many musicians focus on two different forms of performance. The skill of regurgitating the written note from tabs and written sheet music, but leaves our knowledge for the true form of improvising starved. Many jazz/rock artists have worked on this skill through the decades to achieve an amazement of skill and confidence to soar with their thoughts musically like none other. 

Let me help you by showing you ways of thinking outside the box with different musical vocabulary and techniques to open your world up to the most fun, free form of improvising!

Some topics discussed will be topics such as finding the key, using chord arpeggios, advanced phrasing, playing in dark, using sound instead of shapes etc.

Let me help you to unleash your true potential with this Amazing Masterclass to unleash your skills to Improvise Like a Master!!

About David Martone

Dave Martone’s discography includes 7 studio albums and 3 live concert DVD's including "Live at Metalworks" released in 2013 as well as countless compilation albums to his credit. Dave has been on the cover of Guitar Player and Guitar World magazines plus was voted one of the top 4 underground shredders in North America by Guitar One Magazine.

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