Master Class: Mark Lemaire
Being Your Own Producer. Plus: Secret Guitar Recording  Secrets

DATE: Sunday, August 12th, 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm



Most great guitarists know a lot about music, but less about recording.

Might you want a producer on your session? What does a producer DO, anyway? So here’s a secret: In every recording (even the ones you do at home), there is a producer, even if no one is selected for the job. If you look around and you don’t see the producer, be forewarned: it’s probably…YOU!   

Since guitarists everywhere are now recording in their own homes, you need to be your own engineer. What mic is best for what purpose? Do I record with my guitar’s pickup? Do I use a click track or not, and please how might I record a live ensemble without losing my mind?

In this workshop, using simple stick figures and gasoline, Mark will talk about recording your music. And we’ll talk about what it is to produce your music- and it’s not about placing mics and getting a good sound.  There are handy handouts to take home and ponder, with many chances for you to ask specific questions. You’ll leave with new ideas , new tricks and techniques for your recordings, and a clearer vision for how to approach your work.

Fingerstyle guitarist Mark Lemaire has been making his living in the studio as an engineer and producer for almost 40 years. Clients have ranged from producer Jimmy Miller (Rolling Stones, Blind Faith,  etc) to the San Francisco Symphony and, of course, everything in between. Mark brings intelligence, humor, and clarity to the music, regardless of the tradition and style.