Master Class: David Martone
The Combined Hands of Fury

DATE Saturday, August 11th, 11:30 am - 12:30 pm



Hello, and welcome to The Combined Hands of Fury. This masterclass will take students on a journey to help them combine the most popular and famous left and right hand techniques. In this exciting masterclass, Dave will look at everything from Tarrega, Villa Vobos, and Albeniz (classical/flamenco styles), to Holdsworth, Howe, Satriani (fusion/rock styles), and more. The masterclass will include amazing left and right hand workouts. Right hand techniques will include slap, tremolo, rasqueado, speed picking, sweeping, hybrid picking, single and double finger tapping with single lines and chord applications. Left hand techniques will include hammers from nowhere, liquefying legato, left hand arpeggios, finger rolling, endurance, and building power!

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