Here's what we heard after the 2017 Vancouver International Guitar Festival...

Photo by Kent Kallberg

Photo by Kent Kallberg

"For a first year, I think you hit it out of the park!”
- David Kaye, Marketing manager Taylor Guitars, USA


"The 2017 initial rendition of the Vancouver International Guitar Festival was absolutely packed from the first minute to the last, which is unique in my experience of well over 100 similar events.“
- Bruce Sexauer, Master Luthier, California (VIGF Exhibitor)


“Vancouver specifically and Canada in general have a wealth of guitar making talent, many like me, keep our heads down, working at our benches and forget that we have colleagues around us to keep us inspired and make us part of something large and interesting.”
- VIGF Exhibitor and Conference participant


“My highlights were the opportunity to meet the artists (Luthiers), so many at one location at the same time! This event will be one of my highlights for the year.”
- VIGF Attendee

“I've never gone to one of these shows before. Thank you for making this so positive.”
- VIGF Exhibitor


 “Apart from networking, the Conference gives us all a chance to share our experience and further the craft of guitar-making in this day and age. We are in a time where luthiers are constantly helping each other push the limits - it's wonderful!”
- VIGF Exhibitor and Conference participant


 “I wanted to extend a word of thanks and as well congratulate you on doing such a smashing job at the VIGF! … it was my utmost pleasure to be apart of such a wonderful event!”
- Dave Martone, BC Musician, Master Class teacher


 “I'm super thrilled to hear about the raving reviews… about the VIGF this past weekend. Thank you so much for letting me be a part of the volunteer recruitment team!”
- Rachel Villagante, NIMBUS Recording (Community Partner)